Welcome to Triangelus Press. 

For years I worked in the traditional publishing world. I loved my job but i saw the way the wind was blowing. With e-books and self publishing and small presses, it became clear that traditional publishing was going to way of the dodo. I believe there will always be a market for paper books, but looking forward I believe that the publisher of the future must be poised in all markets and use all venues of advertising and marketing. 

Anyone can write a book, what will separate the successful writers is what they are willing to do to get their books out there. Here at Triangelus, we endeavor to build authors who are not only the best writers and story tellers, but also intelligent business people prepared to market and sell their product to the whole world. 

Your book is your truth and your baby, don't you want the very best for it?  Triangelus Press.

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