A rape of innocence.  Lucifer has stolen something from the Archangel Gabriel, his lifemates, Uriel and Chamuel. Gabriel intends to have them back. He will move Heaven and Earth to find his beloved twins. But Lucifer has a secret weapon and a vile plan to assault the very throne of Heaven itself.  The history of Creation and the Fall of the demonic legions is revealed as  a band of angels and a cop from Boston with a sad past go to find the doorway into heaven. 

Book One of the Triangelus saga begins a tale that will take the reader through the length and breadth of Heaven as walked by Enoch in the first days, to the twilight of eternity and beyond.



Chapter One – Gabriel Waits No More

He had waited long enough. He was not one to question, not one to have need, there were but two things he dreamt of, to serve the Father and to hold in his arms his beloved twins, Uriel and Chamuel.

For some time now, the twins had been gone. Father had sent them on some errand and they had not as yet returned.

And he was not one to question, however, the longing to hold in his arms those two that he loved, to be with those that were his other pieces, the twins who had been conceived of and created from the same thought, the same breath as him, that burned in him and he could contain it no longer.  He would ask. He would question.

Gabriel turned on his place on the stair, twisted uncomfortably, even now his rigid discipline fighting to keep the words in, to hold his place as the right hand of God. But his heart screamed and bent him around.

“Master… Father, an indulgence?” He uttered. His eyes searched the Face of the Master and for some reason tears touched his eyes. The sound of his voice shattered something almost physically in the throne room, a silence that had weight and mass and a structure like crystal and his voice smashed it and sent it tinkling to the ground.

The Lord of Creation took his eyes from the notice he had been looking over. There was a bit of shock, of mystification on that hallowed face.



“Yes, Gabriel?” Metatron whispered in the Lord’s voice. He looked from Gabriel to God twice, having heard both sides of the conversation but startled by the words in this silent place, the guardian and the Lord, neither of whom had ever spoken without obvious cause. Never before had Gabriel, the Lord of Hosts, the right hand of God begun a conversation.

Oh, Chamuel might dance into the room and be so ungracious as to sit in the lap of El Shaddai, and his eyes would light and he would hug her like a child. Uriel might stalk into the throne room, a black mood hunching his shoulders, his sister’s opposite as much as her twin and the Lord would call him forth and make him laugh. Even Raphael might enter, his brow furrowed by some vision he had seen or some philosophical question and God would sooth him. Michael, the conquering hero had even been known to present himself and his victories to the Lord… that was when Michael was here.

But not Gabriel. The love between the Lord and his right hand was not a love of words. It was a love of silences, of understanding.

 “The twins…” Gabriel began and the rest of the story fell silently from his carriage, his posture, the vague pain that showed on his face. His shoulders fell, his eyes moved into the nothingness beyond the Throne, to the balconies of the Saints and Martyrs. No more needed to be said.


The Lord God sighed and rose from the throne. Metatron moved to follow, but the Lord bade him “Stay”. A cautious look crossed the face of the Voice of God, but he kept his place. God made his way down to where Gabriel stood, the powerful angel looking for the first time in the history of creation defeated. God, now beside Gabriel put his arm around the angel’s shoulder and pulled him close.

“You know I love you.” said the Lord in His Own Voice. Gabriel turned his eyes wide at the honor of hearing it. A wisp of silver ether fell from God’s lips and quickly turned into a Cherub and flew off.

“Yes, Father,” Gabriel stammered in return.

“There is something special about each of my children. But you are my most intimate. You sometimes know My Will before I do.” God stepped a bit away, sat down on the steps and bid Gabriel do the same. Gabriel slogged his huge frame down, adjusted his black wings and turned to face his master. “And so I have tried to keep this from you. I would not cause you pain. I supposed that perhaps I assumed that the connection between us might tell you what you want to know…”

A dark, black thing twisted in Gabriel’s stomach, made him shift nervously. The silver creation that came with the Lord’s true voice surrounded Gabriel, turned into a blanket to comfort him.  

He had never been nervous before. Yes, there had been something dancing around the base of his mind. Something he had been avoiding. Three days they had been gone, his beloveds, his eternity mates. Never had he been parted from them for so long. It was like needles in his heart, like something had been ripped out of him without them constantly near them. It was common knowledge in Heaven that if the twins were separated for any length of time, then grew weak, sick. The rumor was they would eventually die and never return. He wondered if he had the same susceptibility. He knew that when Samael had been taken from him he had been nigh on to death for days. And then when Michael, who was worse off at her absence, had disappeared… he hadn’t fared much better. The twins and he were much closer.

“I sent them out to do something for me. A trivial matter. Your brother, Lucifer. I assume he is experimenting again. He has somehow managed to use the free will of a human against us. He created a blind spot. One moment the twins were there, another moment, they were gone. Raphael has been searching the futurescape but as yet has not found them.” The silver strands fell to the floor and a Power entered the room and collected it.

The Lord took a deep breath. He watched carefully as Gabriel sat, stony still, his chest did not move in respiration, he did not blink. Suddenly, the muscles flexed, all of them at once as if an electrical current ran through the mountainous angel. His lips parted and out from them came first a gasp and then a sound so mournful it shattered the peace of heaven and made the Cherubs and souls of the good weep and the Saints and Martyrs stop their search for justice and mourn too for the right hand of the Lord.